I just want my brain back

I had heard a lot about the symptoms to expect and every movie with a pregnant women expounds the joys of morning sickness, hormones and inexplicable cravings. But what about the ‘baby brain’? That’s a big one. Especially for someone who’s a writer and also works in PR.

Case study 1: a crisis management session with my senior team. I came up with a brilliant quote for the media – off the top of my head. Rule number one -off the top of your head will be long forgotten as soon as it leaves the top of your head. Carry a notebook and write everything down. Asked to repeat this brilliant idea – I couldn’t. I couldn’t even remember what the problem was.

Case study 2: I filled my car with diesel instead of regular. No – it wasn’t easy. I had to create a suction using my hand while not so silently cursing the idiot who created this ridiculous pump that doesn’t fit into my gas tank!

Case study 3: I was late for work and trying to do too many things at once (which, it turns out, is more than one when you’re pregnant). I re-pierced a hole in my left ear lobe that had closed up almost 21 years ago. I wondered why it hurt all day and blamed the earring for not being real sterling silver.

I forget everything and that’s difficult when you’re trying to keep your pregnancy a secret… say from your employer. So what are you options? Fess up or simply be seen as dim witted? I guess the impending ‘bump’ will make that decision for me soon enough.


About Becoming Mommy

I'm a 42 year old woman pregnant with my first child. It's been a rough road to get here and even rougher once I got here! Books and websites cannot prepare you for what you're about to go through -emotionally and physically.
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